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Animal abuse is a very significant problem however it remains ignored by many governments. Around the globe animals suffer and die due to poor conditions and treatment. For example, a commonly recognised issue- greyhound racing-, the torture and abuse of dogs and the frequent disregard for all animals- domestic, wild and livestock alike- around the globe. A video recently surfaced on social media displaying the disgusting and completely devastating treatment of dogs in China and how they are tortured and abused; personally, I felt sick to my stomach and I think that it is imperative that this treatment towards animals must be banned globally. I do not understand the purpose or the reason for this abuse and I along with many others are utterly appalled. It is not legal to do this to another human so why is it legal to do it to an animal?

This issue can be solved if we get our government and the rest of our world to notice it.  Then it might reach the United Nations and they can make stronger laws against animal abuse and hold the abusers accountable with prison time and punishments.