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Please make Steve Rogers/Captain America a hero again, permanently

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In 2016, for the 75th anniversary year of Steve Rogers/Captain America, fans were shocked, outraged and heartbroken when writer Nick Spencer revealed in "Steve Rogers: Captain America" #1 that Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, was actually a Hydra agent.  Since this revelation, fans have been hopeful that Marvel Comics would fix this storyline and have Steve Rogers revert to being a hero again.

Unfortunately, the events of "Secret Empire" have only made things worse.  In "Secret Empire" #0, Nick Spencer revealed that Steve Rogers has, in fact, always been a villain and will be fighting Marvel's heroes in the event.  While Steve Rogers is supposed to be in his classic Captain America garb and apparently a hero teaming up with Sam Wilson, ex-Falcon turned Captain America, as part of this summer's "Generations" storyline, it is unknown how this will happen or for how long.

Whether Steve Rogers will become a hero in the summer or at the end of "Secret Empire" is irrelevant. This story has gone on long enough, with Marvel and Mr. Spencer defending the storyline and doubling down on making Steve Rogers a villain.  Marvel has actually tried to backtrack by saying Hydra aren't Nazis, despite the fact they're still an evil terrorist organization that was previously controlled by Nazis like the Red Skull and Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, worked with the Nazis in World War II in Marvel's comics, and have killed millions of people.  Whether they backtrack on making Hydra actually Nazis is irrelevant as now Marvel is saying that Steve Rogers, Marvel's purest hero, one of the few heroes in comics to wield Thor's hammer Mjolnir more than once, and was created by two comic book creators (the late, great Joe Simon and Jack Kirby), is now what he was made to fight against: a villain. Making Captain America a Hydra agent, a villain, and saying that he always has been is being met with backlash by many fans.  Marvel Comics even wanted comic book stores to dress up as Hydra and have employees wear Hydra T-shirts to promote "Secret Empire" is further putting off fans and pouring salt into open wounds that are as sore today as when Marvel had Steve Rogers say "Hail Hydra." one year ago.

We, the fans, do not care about Marvel's events and shock value.  We do not care about "Secret Empire", "Generations" or the upcoming "Legacy" story events.  We do not like seeing Marvel and its employees purposefully upsetting fans and altering events for mere shock value, as the fans are the very people who love, read, support and buy Marvel's comics.  We, the fans, care about Steve Rogers, the skinny kid from Brooklyn who wanted to do good, took a Super-Soldier Serum and became the Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America, to fight the forces of evil and defend the American Dream.

Please, Marvel, undo the story that writer Nick Spencer has written, and is continuing to write.  Please say that the changes made to the history and character of Steve Rogers will not last much longer and that Steve Rogers will revert back to his old, classic, heroic self.  Please say that Captain America will not stay evil or get killed off as a villain at the end of "Secret Empire", and he will instead go back to the hero and living legend that fans have known and loved since 1941.

In short, please #SayNoToHydraCap.

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