Heroes For Dumped Rabbits - Sheriff Jason Ard and Captain Mike Erwin

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"Breaking news from the Humane Society of Louisiana - Rabbit Owner Charged With Multiple Counts of Cruelty to Animals for abandonment and neglect".   Facebook Statement Here.
About three weeks ago, a rabbit owner in Livingston Parish released approximately 20 pet rabbits into the woods behind her house.  What began as a call for help to a Rescue, sadly turned into prevention of rescue for the rabbits, while claiming the rabbits were "living free and happy".
Nine rabbits were captured from the woods, malnourished, suffering from severe ear mites/infection and other wounds including missing fur from their feet.  Sadly, one rabbit died from malnutrition and pneumonia while in Vet care.  The rabbits were being attacked by dogs, predators and many of the white rabbits are now missing. 

The Humane Society of LA, in hand with the Sheriff's office are working with "For The Love of Rats Rescue"  to save the remaining rabbits (a rescue that never gave up on the rabbits). The Humane Society also plans to aid in the rescue and pay for their medical care.  

Please take a few minutes and sign this Petition of Thanks expressing your gratitude to Sheriff Jason Ard and Captain Mike Erwin for taking this rabbit cruelty case seriously, for quickly acting and standing behind the animal cruelty laws in their state and for respecting and caring about the abandoned, suffering and neglected pet rabbits that cannot survive in the wild,
This arrest and rescue stopped a dump situation from becoming out of control with rabbits breeding every 30 days, born in a vicious cycle of cruelty, suffering and death.  Sheriff's Facebook Page.

Abandoning a rabbit to the wild is sentencing him a certain early death.
We have a long way to go in the Rabbit Community gaining respect for our pet rabbits but, despite the suffering and loss here, many were also saved and this arrest is a Landmark of Change that should be Highly Commended.

(Personal thanks to the Sheriff's dispatch for accepting my call Friday requesting an officer be sent to assist the rescue at the dump site).  

Sheriff Jason Ard -   jard@lpso.org
Captain Mike Erwin  -  merwin@lpso.org

LOUISIANA STATE LEGISLATURE - §102. Definitions; cruelty to animals