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Please Support Martina Olea & Patricia Joellen Johnson!

We are working to help secure the release of two domestic violence survivors Martina Olea & Patricia Joellen Johnson, and we need your support.

Call the Governor at 916-445-0873 and tell the Legal Affairs staff that you support Martina Olea and Patricia Joellen Johnson's release on parole

Ms. Olea has spent 22 years on a 15-to-life sentence for a crime related to her history of abuse. The Board of Parole Hearings has found Ms. Olea suitable for parole for thefifth time.  Ms. Olea will be deported back to Mexico when she is paroled, and has a loving family who are eager to welcome her home.

Ms. Olea has worked hard to transform herself: she has learned the English language, participated in extensive therapy, and been involved in self-help groups consisting ofAlcoholics Anonymous and parenting classes. 

Ms. Johnson now 65 has been imprisoned since 1991 on an 18-to-life sentence for the death of her abusive husband.

She has worked hard to transform herself from the woman she was nearly two decades ago when she entered prison.  She expresses sincere remorse and takes full responsibility for her actions. 

The Governor has until September 18th to decide whether to uphold Ms. Olea and Ms. Johnson's releases. Please take action to support their freedom! 

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