STOP this ridiculous representation of Singapore at The Miss Universe Parade 2018

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Please sign this petition to stop this ridiculous representation of Singapore at the Miss Universe Parade in Bangkok 2018. 
Do not allow this Miss Universe Singapore national costume make a laughing stock of Singapore on an International stage. This costume is in no way tasteful, representative of peace or Singapore.
It would truly be a sad day to have Singapore represented with the American and North Korean flags. Not to mention that the handshake of the two leaders, Trump and Kim Jong Un, is in a very inappropriate location. North Korea is also one of the most repressive authoritarian states in the world with the UN Security Council stating that North Korea’s shocking human rights violations are a threat to International peace and security.
There is nothing about this distasteful costume that truly represents Singapore. It is totally non-representative, inappropriate and ridiculous to say the least. There is NOTHING Singaporean about this costume!!

Stop this costume being used at the Miss Universe Parade 2018