We are staying by Park Yuchun's side.

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We note that there are are articles circulating on the internet that Yuchun fans are giving up on him, and they wrote a goodbye letter. With regards to this, we are setting up this petition in response to those articles, that WE ARE NOT GIVING UP ON HIM. We are staying for good!!!

We urge K-media to stop circulating such articles. Please do not generalize Yuchun's fans. An action of some fans do not represent all of us. 

We, fans of Park Yuchun, are staying for good. We love Yuchun and we will till the end.


Note: Please do not donate any money, I am not crowdfunding for anything. After signing just share. Dont click chip in. Thanks. 


Upon reaching a certain amount of signatures, I will send the results to Yuhwan so he could share with Yuchun. Many people are willing to wait for him and support him till the end. I would also be writing to medias, that their articles are not right. Because there are MANY fans still staying.