Sherman Street Rail Crossing - Petition for Quiet Zone

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In July, residents of North Cambridge and Neighborhood Nine noticed loud, persistent train whistles starting at 6 a.m and continuing until midnight.  This noise has harmed our quality of life, especially our sleep and our children's sleep. 

Only a few weeks ago, we slept peacefully. Trains went through the crossing without sounding any whistles. What happened?  Why the change? Because of upgrades to the tracks that were completed in 2006, the rail crossing at Sherman Street does not meet standards required for a Quiet Zone designation.  Over a decade ago, the City of Cambridge had been informed that to retain Quiet Zone status, the safety features of the Sherman Street rail crossing would need to be upgraded. However, no upgrades were made. At a recent audit, this was discovered and engineers were informed to begin sounding their whistles - four loud blares at all hours of the day. This is harming the health of our children whose sleep is constantly disrupted. Please sign this petition to demand that the City of Cambridge upgrade the train crossing so that the Quiet Zone can be re-established at Sherman Street.

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