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Help to gain government funding to support 14-25 year olds with spice addiction

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Spice is a form of legal high that only came to the streets under a decade ago. It was initially legal, and therefore could be purchased in any smoking shop, and so could be readily available, and easily accessible to any curious or troubled minor. It costs only £5 a gram, and is therefore affordable to young people. Even though it has been made illegal, the drug is still easily available.

The effects of spice are very similar to that of herion, and the addiction has been described by addicts who have also used herion, as the 'worst drug out of them all'

Luckily the synthetic drug has been made illegal, however the after math and homelessness it has left, particularly amoungst troubled youths, is both tragic and  an inexplicable crisis that without any attention, will cause death amoungst the most vulnerable of our young society.

I myself am from Blackburn, where spice addiction has taken over the lives of 100s of minors, caused multiple deaths, caused homelessness for 100s but with no where to turn in being a minor, and has ruined 100s of families. It is a tragedy hidden away and happening on our own doorstep! Please support me to take action against this, and support these people before it's too late!

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