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Petitioning VP, Public Relations Rafael Toro and 3 others

Please remove the GOYA logo on the new Roberto Clemente statue


The new Roberto Clemente statue should be viewed as a symbol of pride and dignity. It should not be cheapened by having an incredibly prominent GOYA logo on the bottom of the statue's base. You can read more here:

Letter to
VP, Public Relations Rafael Toro
Executive VP Peter Unanue
VP, General Counsel Carlos Ortiz
and 1 other
VP, Sales and Marketing Conrad Colon
As members of the community you serve, we would like to congratulate you for your financial support of the beautiful Roberto Clemente statue that will forever grace Roberto Clemente State Park in the Bronx. The statue truly reflects Clemente's soul and legacy, depicting a proud Puerto Rican whose actions touched and inspired the lives of millions. Clemente will forever be one of the greatest figures of the Latino community, and we applaud you for making this statue a reality.

However, we write to you to reconsider the rather prominent placement of your company logo at the bottom base of the statue. The logo's size and placement do a disservice to Clemente's life. It reads like an advertisement for your brand, and it serves no place on such a powerful and dignified statue. The statue's impact, unfortunately, is cheapened. GOYA is and forever will be a brand that is authentically loved by the community. You don't need this extra publicity, and we feel that the removal of your logo in this case would be the right thing to do.

We would be more than happy to help you crowdsource funds to correct the statue's base. Let's work together to prop up Clemente's legacy for future generations instead of having your logo be the most prominent element of the statue's base. This statue is about Clemente and the community, not about GOYA.

Respectfully submitted.

PS The base of the statue also contains a factual error. Clemente's 3,000th hit was September 30, 1972 and not September 29. You will need to change that, so why not remove the GOYA logo at the same time?

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