Put up nets under Peterson Creek Bridge in Kamloops BC to help prevent suicides there.

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I lost my son, Austin, at the young age of 17, on April 17, 2018 on this bridge.  Since then at least 1 other person that I have heard about has jumped off this bridge to end their life. And before Austin's death there have been 5 people that I have heard about that ended their life on that bridge. I am sure there are more and it is never in the news, we never hear about it happening.  

Update: Since beginning this petition, many have commented that they have lost a loved one or know of someone who lost someone on this bridge! We need some sort of protection on this bridge. Even some sort of fence barrier if a net isn't feasible. 

I want to try to prevent it being so easy to end a life this way.  Suicide is becoming an epidemic and if putting up nets can stop even 1 person from ending their life this way, it is worth it. 

How would a suicide net work??