Please punish the huntsman for failure to render aid to white bear and her little cub.

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Russian Version of This Petition

My petition it is addition to Ignat Fokeyev’s petition about mother bear that was fed with firecracker.

     I beg to bring to justice not only the cook, who blew up the bear, but also huntsman, for failure to render aid to mother bear that was suffering from terrible burns and wounds. Huntsman did not help mother bear and  little bear cub to survive after incident, instead of helping he choose to help criminal and to cover up his crime. Huntsman condemned these two bears for a painful long death.

     Please toughen the laws of the Russian Federation about the atrocities committed against animals.

     Please review the sentence for a person who 8 times brutally ran over brown bear with jeap and during  long time mocked at him (it happened at the island of Iturup, near the village Reidovo, Kuril district) and punish the accomplices of this crime and give them the maximum sentence in prison.

     I beg to prosecute people who deliberately ran over on the brown bear with train (December 4, 2014 near the city of Norilsk). Why they have not received any criminal penalties for the cruelty to animals ??

     Dear representatives of the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, the Russian Society for the Protection of animals, Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia, people can hire a lawyer, to pay the judge and escape punishment for the terrible crimes committed against animals, who can not hire a lawyer and buy a judge. I appeal to your heart and conscience, and ask to show love to these animals and punish evil, make sure that the perpetrators are punished to the fullest extent of the laws of the Russian Federation and received the maximum sentence. I ask you to be advocates of these animals. I ask you about love, justice and compassion for these animals.

     Shortly about what happened. According to eyewitnesses: Cook fed the white mama bear on Wrangel Island (a nature reserve) during several month. Bear trusted him, came sometimes even with her little baby bear. On the eve of the event, staff photographed with the bear for a several hours and fed her from hands. For fun cook hid package with explosive material in food and gave it to mama bear. The explosive material with food exploded in the mouth of mama bear, causing her terrible pain. The bear on the video that they recorded is bleeding and for half of hour rushing through the snow, digging her muzzle in snow, trying to reduce the terrible pain, tossing from side to side, rolling and tumbling in the snow, crying constantly by ongoing burning pain, vainly trying to relieve her suffering.

     At the same time, the people, who created it all with the bear are recording her suffering on the video.  On this video are clearly visible suffering of the poor animal. All this abuse took place in the presence of her child - a little bear. On the tape, heard the words: "Recorder it, recorder! Yes, I am recording!" They laugh and mock the animal who is suffering from horrible pain: "Bear, bear, what's wrong with you?" Not a word of remorse! Words of those who are speaking are interspersed with obscene curses. According to the witness, the animal had terrible wounds, the bear had demolished half of the head.

     Mama bear did not want to leave, as expecting help from people. But she wasn’t given help, instead of helping her people called to huntsman with his team and they added to her sufferings, they decided to shoot the bear mama with rubber bullets, in order she went to the tundra, huntsman said, "no body, no case." Instead, helping the mother bear and bear cub, they brought them more suffering and scared them away to die in the tundra, condemning them for a slow, terrible, painful death from wounds, hunger and thirst, because the mama bear could not hunt, could not eat or drink, was not able to feed the baby bear.

     These animals have passed through a double betrayal by the people, and they trusted this people! They went not only through the physical pain, but people also have caused them severe mental wounds. Animals suffer from betrayal, as well as people. The life of the whole family was destroyed for the sake of entertainment. Later cook accused the bear that she allegedly attacked him and he threw her explosives in self-defense and allegedly she grabbed them herself. In another video, I saw another group of bears who came to eat the food (the group consisted of bear and her two already grown-up children), these jokers have not chosen these big bears team for their jokes, apparently afraid that adult bears will stand up for their bear, but they chose a defenseless victim - mother with the small child bear.

     This is link for the video:

     Act of both - cook and ranger is absolutely immoral and inhumane, but the huntsman acted even worse, he could take care of a wounded bear and bear cub and may be could save them both lives, but he decided to take care of murderer of mama bear and in order to conceal the crime he decided to sacrifice mama bear and her little bear cub.

      Please, punish both - the cook and the huntsman, for murder and betrayal of two polar bears, for causing serious injuries to mama bear, for bringing her suffering and torture, lack of medical and other assistance to both bears.

     Please give both of them the maximum possible for the Russian law imprisonment. Unpunished criminal commits a crime again and even becomes more brave, the next can be human. For violent crime should be correspondingly severe punishment.

      Please increase the penalties and sentences for the atrocities committed against animals, intentional animal abuse and brutal murder.

     Please review the laws of the Russian Federation. The penalty fine 2-3 thousand rubles for intentional hitting brown bear with freight train and firing from work is absolutely not adequate to severity of the crime. What punishment criminals would get if they would intentionally ran over human with the train? This case took place in December 4, 2014 in the Krasnoyarsk Krai, near the Russian city of Norilsk.

      This is link for the video:

Please punish the perpetrators of this and give them the maximum sentence in prison. Only by punishing harsh way, you can get rid of such crimes. People will fear and will not dare to create something similar.

The second case, which occurred in the area of the Kuril islands of Iturup, near the village Reidovo in 2015, I will remind what happened:

Villains in two jeeps at first during several hours were chasing a brown bear, then, when he was tired from the chase, ran him over 8 times with jeep (they themselves tell everything what they did to the bear in the video they took), and then ran him over 9th time stopped when poor bear was underneath of wheel, then one of the torturers greatly with all his strength beat the bear (which could not resist him) using his foot, intended to kill him with a knife, but the bear was able to break free and escape. Two his friends were watching on the bear torment from another jeep, verbally abused him, they told that bear's mouth was bleeding, they were cursing him and were filming torture.

This is link for the video:

The punishment handed down by the court, is totally inadequate to the committed crime - 6 months of corrective labor (and criminal can give a bribe and don’t get any punishment at all). I have the same question: how many years in prison would be given to this Denis Streltsov, if he did the same with a man, not a bear? And why suffering of the bear is less than suffering of human? Torturing the bear is the same as torturing a human, I would say even it is the same as torturing a child, because a animals have the same intelligence as children, they do not understand when people are trying to deceive them, they do not expect mean behavior from people.

Please review the punishment for Denis Streltsov and punish him with real maximum term of imprisonment, because sufferings and injuries of the bear were real. And perhaps it was not first bear - victim? By do not punishing the offender, you encourage him to commit other crimes, as he is not afraid to think that paid off for the first time, then he has nothing to fear – he can pay off again. Bears do not have lawyers and money to buy a judge, but some people must be the conscience to stand up for these animals and punish the perpetrators. I hope that you will help and justice to these animals will prevail. Thank you.

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