Rapidly Develop mega project Regi Model Town Peshawar

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Dear DG PDA,  Finance Minister and CM Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  and  Prime Minister of Pakistan

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has been gripped by issues such as lack of adequate housing for the general public, economic development and environmentally friendly green belts for the past few decades. The situation has been worsened by the influx of population from the war-ravaged FATA and neighboring Afghanistan. In this regard, Regi Model Town, KP’s largest ever government housing scheme, was launched by Peshawar Development Authority (PDA- A KP government body) more than 2 decades ago to provide tens of thousands of families in the province with adequate housing, recreation, health & educational facilities as well as create employment opportunities. However, both state and non-state actors sabotaged it. State actors are to be blamed the most as the sabotage was mainly due to their conflict of interest and corruption.

Four times the size of Hayatabad and situated very close to it and to Peshawar University, more than 25,000 plots in its five Zones have been allotted to journalists, lawyers, judges, nurses, doctors, engineers, teachers, civil servants, clerks and other government employees.

All allottees have made full payments to PDA more than a decade ago. Sadly, much of this town still remains semi or completely un-developed. The town has been designed to look like any modern sector in Islamabad with wide roads and streets. There is sufficient space available for parks and other recreational facilities; and KP Govt can use this to build many new and quick projects in Peshawar through the involvement of civil society, students, thus setting an unprecedented example of community involvement.


10 Questions We Ask




Why is this “readily available, cost-effective and adequate solution” to Peshawar's housing problems deliberately neglected in development plans?.



Why has no one been arrested so far in connection with the sabotage of this Rs 100 billion mega project? 



Why is PDA not giving a fixed time frame for the completion of this project like DHA Peshawar has given 3 years for its completion?




Why is this huge piece of land, right in the heart of Peshawar not used for the establishment of badly needed facilities in Peshawar such as, 

1.     Schools, colleges and hospitals

2.     Parks

3.     Malls

4.     Stadiums

5.     Plantation, green-belts and jogging tracks

6.     Offices?



Why can’t most of the objectives behind the establishment of new Housing Schemes be achieved through the rapid development of Regi  ModelTown?  Why to wait for another 15 years and spend trillions in achieving these valuable objectives when they could be achieved within a year or so and in a cost-effective manner in Regi Model Town where almost all of the required resources could be made available?



According to World Health Organisation, the air quality in Peshawar is extremely poor and dangerous for health. Why is a unique opportunity missed in improving it through rapid greening of Regi Model Town? Even kids can do it!



Why is the outflow of billions of rupees annually from KP to Bahria Town, DHA and other housing projects in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi allowed through non-development of Regi Model Town?



Why is an opportunity missed in creating at least 100,000 to 300,000 jobs in construction, brick and steel making as well as transportation?



Why is this opportunity to start an annual business to the tune of Rs 15-30 billion in KP missed?




Why is there no plan to involve thousands of students, volunteers & others in the development of parks, green belts, and sports and recreational facilities in Regi Model Town?




1.    Link roads:


Please broaden, on war footing, the existing 6 km road linking Regi Town to Peshawar Board at Jamrud Road and provide it with modern roadway lighting solutions. Please link Regi Model Town to Jamrud road via a 3-km road through proposed mini cantonment. This will be the lifeline of this huge project. Speed up efforts for the early completion of Northern Bypass/Ring road, progress on which has been extremely slow. These are also important linkages


2.    Security:

Security is the biggest concern in Peshawar. Make Regi Town the first gated town in Peshawar so that people feel peace of mind. This would help stop the top brain from being drained out of the city due to law and order situation. This would also stop the outflow of capital to a large extent.


3.    Gas, electricity, greening, good quality road and street lights:

Please ensure speedy work on these projects and smooth supply.


4.    Land Dispute:

There is an ongoing dispute between Kuki-Khel (an Afridi tribe) and the Govt in some parts of Zones 2 and 5. Please resolve this dispute or alternatively allot alternative plots to all those people whose plots are in the disputed area. The alternative can be Hayatabad or Zones 1,3,4 in Regi.


5.    Green and Clean Peshawar:


Rapid greening of Regi Model Town should be included in Green and Clean Peshawar project as a Green Regi would influence the air quality of Peshawar, currently ranked very high among the most polluted cities in the world. Migration of a significant proportion of population (about 20-30%) from other parts of Peshawar to Regi Model Town would be key to keep Peshawar green and clean. Please stop cattle grazing in Regi Model Town and start cleaning its roads.


6.    Peshawar Mass transit project


Please include it in the mass transit project. It will be Ficriminal negligence to ignore it when 10-15 years from now one-third of Peshawar population would be living here or adjacent areas. The mass transit project is for 100 years and should have included it from the very beginning.


7.     Ban new townships "in the name of Peshawar".


A total ban on new schemes is needed unless Regi Town has been completed. We think that the new schemes are started due to conflict of interest/corruption. This needs to be investigated and all those found guilty should be taken to task.


8.    Badly needed services in Peshawar.

Please order the establishment of parks, schools, colleges, jogging tracks, and stadiums with immediate effect

9.    Quality of development work

Development work already taken place in Regi Town has been very poor quality. Quality of ongoing and future work needs urgent attention.


10.  Confidence building measures

Confidence building measures are lacking. Therefore:


a) DG PDA, Minister Finance KP and CM KP should personally and jointly oversee progress as it is a matter of justice, accountability and human rights.

b) Shift PDA headquarters to Regi Model Town.

c) Appoint honest and effective officers as heads of different projects/sections in Regi Model Town.

d) Launch a campaign for building public confidence and hold a monthly press briefing on Regi

e) Reduce load shedding to at least as less as in Hayatabad so that people feel relieved and start constructing their houses.


Many regards and stay blessed


Yours sincerely


On behalf of Peshawar Housing Needs Group

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