Demand JUSTICE for (2019) High SCH GRADS COREY &ALI #LLA #LLC who were MURDERED.

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#Justice For COREY & ALI Tucson, ARIZONA. #LLA #LLC

18 year olds Corey and Ali friendship begun as early as elementary school and both of their parents Jinah (Corey's mom) & Fatuma (Ali's mom) have had a sister like relationship that was born from their son’s friendship. The 18 year olds were like real brothers. They loved each other dearly and visited each other as often as possible, they had countless sleepovers at each other's house. They were best of friends, and even graduated the same year from two different school.

Unfortunately, Oct 16,2019 both 18 year olds were shot and killed by 23 year suspected white female drug dealer in Tucson, Arizona. These two teenage boys were both SHOT in the HEAD at point blank range. To make it even more inhumane and pathetically sad, they were left bleeding for hours before paramedics arrived.

And what has made it harder and more painful for the families affected is how quickly the local media’s portrayal of the murder as justifiable killing in the name of self defense. Arizona stand your ground law has furthermore influenced the police investigation and seems more likely steering it towards self defense. We firmly believe that the RACE of these two teenagers may have played a major factor of this unfair bias. Both Corey and Ali are black #Blacklivesmatter

Please help us by asking the Tuscon Police Department and Pima County Prosecutor's Office to work side by side and carefully look into the killing of this two boys and conduct a fair and thorough investigation that is NOT BIASED.

Please help us get JUSTICE for ALI & COREY by signing here. #LLA #LLC Thanks.