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Update from Rep. Shankland's Office, Encouragement to Stay T1D-Strong

Julia Rose
United States

Feb 20, 2020 — 

Good afternoon,

I wanted to reach out to you during my lunch break today to let you know that I've been informed by Rep. Katrina Shankland's office that today is the last day of the year that the legislative committee can bring the bill up to vote on the proposed Wisconsin Insulin Price cap.

I have been informed that because the bill is authored by Democrats and the majority party (Republicans) chair every committee and control the session day calendar/which bills are heard and voted on, this is likely why we have not moved forward. It is unclear as to why no Republicans have co-authored the bill yet, though I hope to meet with them in the future and encourage them to support it if things do not go in our favor today.

I am unsure exactly when they meet today. It might be this afternoon - it might've already happened...

Before posting this update, I sent one last email to share the most recent signature counts and comments, and stress the undeniable importance of this bill.

I ask you please to not be discouraged or broken by this news if it does not end in favor of the Wisconsin T1D community today. I knew going into this petition and campaign that it may be a long road ahead. And that's okay -we are worth it.

Say it with me - we are worth it! We all are worth it. Our lives matter. Our health matters.

I assure you, I will keep working and reaching out to our law-makers to ensure that this happens for us. People with T1D know best that lows don't stay low for long... and neither do highs. Life is all about balance, and we must stay mentally strong throughout this battle. We deserve to live good lives, which is why I continue to fight on behalf of this community.

This issue is much bigger than me or the committee or even the state of Wisconsin; it is about all people fighting T1D and their loved ones. I have never encouraged division due to party lines throughout this campaign and I will not start. I want us to work together in harmony to achieve a common goal and I hope our representatives can start to see it this way. I don't believe throwing one party under the bus, so to speak, or pointing a finger, will get us anywhere. We are all accountable at different levels for making the changes we want to see. Though, some have more power than others... I want to be positive.

I hope, at the end of the day, our law-makers share a common objective to do good for and by the people of Wisconsin. They may see it in different ways. They may have been raised a different way. They may believe in different processes. They may come from different mindsets and cultures. However, I'd like to think no matter this, we all care about someone affected by diseases like T1D. We all love someone. We all care about someone. Don't we all know someone who thinks a little differently than us, but we still love them anyway? I'm sure most of us have friends or family members who identify with different political parties, but we're still able to have respectful conversations and can resolve conflicts cordially despite our ideology.

I don't believe this issue is about politics. I believe it is about basic human care and rights... I don't care what party anyone identifies with. I care about how people treat others. I care about how people care for others.

If things do not go in our favor today, I will still reach out and ask for meetings with reps in hopes to get a Republican co-author on this bill. I will still maintain this page. I will keep fighting until we reach a resolution in favor of the T1D community. If you want to send your own emails of support today, please do so.

You can get access to contact information to the Wisconsin Committee on Insurance here.

Your voice matters, and so does your access to affordable healthcare. While this may be disheartening, I promise you I will not give up.

People with T1D are used to fighting battles everyday. It doesn't become easier, but more manageable (as we become more experienced and knowledgeable) as we go. I hope, if not today, for the remainder of the year leading into 2021, we can work together to affect positive change and reach a resolution in favor of this wonderful community of people.

Let's also remember all of the good things we do everyday too. We are strong. We are better when we work together. This is the goal I have for this community. We have earned 62,000 signatures on this support petition in less than a year.

There are almost 1,000,000 signatures in support of various insulin price cap support petitions across the nation (for 24 states). While it may seem like nothing is happening, don't dilute your feeds with negative media. See the good. See the progress.

I believe we are the change. It's clear this will take more persistence, patience, and progress. Hang in there with me. We got this! Keep going and growing.


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