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Cancel HCPS Semester Exams for the 2017-2018 school year

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Dear Henrico County Public Schools,

There are multiple reasons to why the students of HCPS believe that semester exams should be cancelled. The first obvious reason is that we have now missed 4 days of instruction. Cancelling exams would be the perfect opportunity to recuperate this loss as it would return 4 days of instruction. With the rapid approachment of SOLs, IB Exams, and AP Exams, it is necessary that students have an adequate amount of instruction from teachers, as that is simply the best way to learn. Not cancelling exams could risk the scores of students, which is detrimental to the status of Henrico County Public Schools as a prestigious and accomplished school system and the health and education of students. It is also important to consider that with the 4 days of school cancellation, we have only had two school days over the span of three weeks. Since then, most students have forgot much of the material they have learned, and will not have the time to relearn it for exams as they must maintain the pace of the syllabus. Lastly, the wonderful HCPS teachers also do not enjoy giving and grading exams and we believe that many of them would also rather focus on material instead of exams.

When considering all of these reasons, the students strongly urge Henrico County Public Schools to cancel exams as we truly believe it is in the best interest for everyone. We thank you for your time to read, consider, and hopefully listen to this message.

Thank you,

HCPS Students

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