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Please End the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

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In the coming weeks, thousands of dogs will be rounded up, crammed into tiny wire cages without food or water, and trucked over great distance to the city of Yulin. They are bound for slaughter, to be served as the main entrée at the city’s annual event to mark the Summer Solstice, an event also called “dog meat festival.”

Their immense suffering won’t end until the butcher slits their throats, often in view of other terrified animals.

But Humane Society International, along with local groups on the ground, is working as quickly as possible to convince the government to stop this cruelty. Our partner groups are exploring legal options, meeting with officials, organizing petitions and advertising to put the spotlight on the issue and event organizers and participants.

These efforts can and have made a difference: A similar festival was shut down in recent years thanks to global pressure, and public outrage and bad publicity forced last year’s Yulin event organizers to scale back significantly.

Join HSI to today to help these dogs – and save others from a terrible fate – by asking the governor of Guangxi to cancel this disgraceful festival for good.

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