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Please Change The Permanent Ban to Soft Ban

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Mystic Messenger update the game and put a ban to anyone who abuse the game. We all know it is an amazing game but they should be aware that most of the players are students who couldn't participate in the chatrooms due to school and we cannot stay up at 3 am just for the game either. Plus, hourglasses are really expensive and hard to obtain. Some player have been permanently ban from their account due to changing time to participate the chatrooms including me, so please sign this petition so that cheritz will change it to soft ban so we ( players who been ban) would be able to log into our old account. Cheritz needs to adjust the chatrooms time to make it convenient for everyone. Student friendly mode would be helpful for students who barely has time to play.I dont agree with the permanent ban but i agree that it is wise to put a ban so the players would realize their mistake. Although they should at least put a temporary ban and if the player still do it then permanent ban will be very reasonable. I certainly do not encourage players to cheat because it is very unfair to the company but i hope that we will be given second chance. Im aware that cheating in any way is wrong but i hope cheritz will give us second chances, lifting the ban could be a little to much, im pretty sure other players who cheat realize that they were wrong as well. Im not against Cheritz or mean to be rude to them. And also PLEASE STOP HATING ON CHERITZ. They were really kind enough to us more than most otome game company. And all of those out there who weren't updated with the notices they put up on all their sns accs, they were considerate enough to list down the most requested suggestions. If you didn't know what those requests were, it's that we'll be able to earn hourglass through advertisements. We don't mind if it's not added in the future, we'll still continue to support them. Cheritz, a small company, who appreciates their fans way more than other otome game developments do, give out free HGs as compensation through every update, even for the most trivial matters. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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