Please change BC COVID 19 testing measures ASAP

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The evolving pandemic of COVID 19 claimed thousands of lives in Italy, Spain and other countries, even the world number one country USA’s largest city New York is in danger.
Currently British Columbia is doing passive testing protocols for British Columbians, and over optimistic about current situation based on inaccurate numbers which will lead the worsen situation of BC in the future.

Currently only healthcare providers, those seriously ill and in cluster research can be tested , many COVID 19 positive people are not allowed to test, they may have or don’t have symptoms, they live in the same house with their family while the heating and ventilation system transmitting the diseases to other family numbers, and the transmission spread to others when people shopping groceries or walk around.
If no testing but self quarantine for 14 days can stop the spreading COVID 19, why the Italy, Spain, France, Uk and New York in such devastating situation?

BC should do what WHO recommend and the way South Korea doing: testing every suspected case, and tracing their contacts to control the spreading of COVID 19.
We may don’t have the resources right now, but BC should strive to work on that instead of insisting current testing measures works for the best interests of British Columbians . 

It’s time to stop bureaucracy at BC and save the lives of British Columbians.

Please change the testing measures for BC right now.