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Dear Sirs,/Madams,

The Victim Seafarer Mr.Frans Lasut “Vanished” on board FC GREEN GLOBAL BELONG TO PT. TRANS POWER MARINE without leaving any trace.

 The seafarer victim “Mr Frans Lasut” (Fitter FC Green Global) signed official working contract with ship’s owner (PT. TRANS POWER MARINE ) approved by government and already worked with this PT> Trans Power Marine for almost three years where as on February 2016 Mr.Frans Lasut was assigned to FC Green Global as a Fitter on February 22, 2016 his family (wife and 3 children) in Jakarta has been informed that Mr.Frans Lasut “Vanished” on board FC Green Global whilst vessel berthed in the river jetty without leaving any trace and up to now already 12 months there was not any fix clarification from the ship’s owner that is PT. Trans Power Marine about what really had happened to Mr.Frans Lasut and the strange things that there were several report with difference story either from Captain of the FC Green Global and also from local police department.

 Was there a any heavy violation of human rights on board Floating Crane (FC) Green Global (Indonesia Flag) belong to PT. Trans Power Marine the head office at Gedung Artha Graha 20th floor in Jalan Sudirman Kav.52.53 , Jakarta Selatan 12190.Indonesia .

 Head Office :

PT.Trans Power Marine

At  Artha Graha Building 20th fl, Suite #20-01
Sudirman Central Business District
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190.   I N D O N E S I A

Email  :

The more unreasonable things that the company PT.Trans Power Marine had effort to make “Death Certificate” although the dead body of Mr Frans Lasut has never been found for almost 12 months up to now since he “Vanished” .

What really happened to our members Mr.Frans Lasut ? Was there any Heavy Violation of Human Rights ? Why there was no trace of this missing victim ? How could some one could “Vanished” on board like that and still could not be found any trace already 12 months since it happened ?

 Wife and 3 (three) children of the victim Mr.Frans Lasut have been suffering so much struggle to live without any earning support for their living from the company for such as wages etc had been cut off without getting any official logical reason from the company since the victim Mr.Frans Lasut disappear “ Vanish” leaving no trace since February 22, 2016.

 And also there was still not any compensation at all from the company to the family (Wife and three children) of the victim Mr. Frans Lasut.

Was there heavy violation human rights ?

 We as the Indonesian Seafarers’ Union of Tanjung Priok paid  very serious attention to this case and ask the company to pay the whole wages & etc which already 12 months cut off and also claim compensation for disgrace the human rights of our member Mr.Frans Lasut and his family (a wife plus three children) for amount of 80 billion rupiahs and also this company and all his fleet should temporary stop operation until the case of the victim Mr.Frans Lasut settled.

 All International Human Rights activist  any where in the world  we need your strong solidarity to support  this  struggle of human rights universally which already accepted globally and please give a very strong protest either to the company (ship's owner) also to the government for we have tried to communicate/contacts various department in our country but still no serious action taken by.  And as the only real genuine Seafarers' Union in Indonesia located in Tanjung Priok Northern part of Jakarta we shall never stop to struggle to never ending until the case really solve for the sake of our beloved seafarers human rights Mr.Frans Lasut and his wife including the three of his children unable to continue their education had been cut off for there was no financial support anymore.

 Jakarta, 11th February, 2017.



Chair of Indonesian Seafarers’ Union of Tg.Priok ( K.P.I. of Tg.Priok)


Hanneman Suria ( Email address :




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