Bluehole refund all the money given to buy Dr Disrespect and Shroud Crates

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Somehow most of the PUBG gamers were very interested in buying the weapon skins that are dedicated to their favorite PUBG streamer like Dr. Disrespect & Shroud. The most recent weapon skins seems very interesting and very tempting to have. In order to support their favorite streamer most of the player did one thing that they didn't expect to get in return. Buying the crate for weapon skins crate. But what they didn't expect in return is being scammed by the company that created the game. Hoping that Bluehole company will redeem back or at least notice this issues has been rised to the top management level, victims did submit a report regarding the matter. As expected from a company that have made millions of dollars, none of the staff has respond to any of the reports and it has been days. This petition is going to make it right. With hope that Dr. Disrespect & Shroud will hear from us fans and do help us out to continue supporting your stream. Hope this massage reach both of you.