Opposition to a 75,000 sqft health club and Parking Reduction in Broadway Plaza

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Broadway Plaza recently snuck through an approval to reduce the required parking spaces necessary for their future development of the last parcel, which resulted in a loss of an estimated 300+ desperately needed parking spaces. 

We oppose the Lifetime Fitness Project in Walnut Creek for the following reasons:1. Parking reduction was approved without disclosing it was specifically for the use of a gym.

  1. With the current parking requirement, the facility would only need 250 parking spaces. By contrast, if this project were in San Jose, the parking requirement would be 1,500 spaces (1 space per 50 sq. ft.), 382 in San Ramon, 350 in Concord.
  2. Eliminates over $2 million in annual sales tax revenue for the City. The location was intended to be retail/restaurant, and there is no sales tax on gym services.
  3. The recent reduction allowed Broadway Plaza to increase the size of the building significantly (Broadway Plaza Parking Reduction), without the requirement to add additional parking. This might have been ok if the use was a retail business, but the demand on health club parking is much, much greater than retail.
  4. The traffic congestion in and around the 2 garages will increase greatly. Wait times on N. Main will be greatly impacted.
  5. Eliminates additional retailers and future retail/restaurant anchors from occupying the space. Walnut Creek is a central shopping district for the entire East Bay, and this project essentially eliminates anyone else from enjoying the space besides members of the location.