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The Monarch Bay Club is a unique oceanfront club along the California coast that represents a tremendous asset to our community. For many years, this crown jewel has been leased out to the various owners of the St. Regis Hotel and currently The Monarch Beach Resort. With the expiration of the current lease looming in June 2020, an opportunity presents itself: to regain control of the Beach Club and make it our own – a club like no other!

Plan B is simple – The Homeowner-First Plan is a successful Community-First Beach Club that contracts a high-quality restaurant operator leveraging a reliable revenue stream coming from a) negotiated contract and annual access fees paid by Hotel to bring limited guests to the Beach Club, b) revenue from limited outside memberships, and c) revenue from restaurant and bar operations, including hotel guests, outside members and homeowners.

Why Choose Plan B? – When the Monarch Bay Beach Club is operated by a hotel lessee, hotel guests take priority, period. That is not a criticism of the hotel; it is simply a business reality as the hotel is in business to make a profit. The Beach Club and private beach allow them to market themselves as a private beach resort with private beach access. Clearly, the Hotel’s priorities are not to cater to Monarch Bay Homeowners, who represent no significant income, but as a cost of gaining access for their hotel guests and corporate clients. Make no mistake: so long as the Beach Club is leased to the Hotel, their guests will ALWAYS be a priority. Plan B puts the homeowners and their families FIRST!

Please join us in our community's support to regain back control of our Beach Club. Your SUPPORT and VOTE FOR PLAN B is a vote to take back control of the Beach Club and slow down the process, allowing for a more thoughtful plan that will resonate with our community. Please sign to show your support for Plan B.

By signing you agree to have reviewed both Plan A and Plan B regarding the future operation and management of the Monarch Bay Beach Club and intend to cast a supportive vote for Plan B.  Also, that you agree to allow your name to be included as a supporter of Plan B on materials developed by the Plan B committee designed to “get out the vote."

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