To provide train service towards BRAHMAPUR in office time from Humma,Dist-Ganjam, Odisha.

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We the inhabitants of HUMMA (DIST- GANJAM, ODISHA) would like to draw your attention that, our village which is situated near N.H-16 is a four square place and many small village like Malad, Santoshpur, Ramagada, Subalaya, Palibandha and more gram panchayats of Ganjam block and part of Puri district upto Krushnaprasad block depend upon Humma for trade and commerce and transports. Our village is famous for manufacturing of crystal salt in Odisha and weekly dry fish market which is going to be the largest market in Asia. Recently our chief minister Shri Naveen Patnaik laid the foundation stone for dry fish market which is an extra ordinary step towards the development of our economic prosperity.

 But without proper transport system economic development is not possible. So for transport we have to depend upon road and railways. No doubt we are enjoying the road transport system but in the matter of railways we are failed. We have a railway station in our village and only some few trains like (train no. 58533/34, 58419/20, 58417/18 & 58411/12) are medium of transport. Except train no. 58534(1st DMU) other trains are the best failure examples of delay and the train no. 58534(1st DMU) is running between Palasa to Cuttack.

 But Cuttack and Bhubaneswar are far away from Humma for which we have to depend upon Brahmpur which is 38kms from Humma for education, health, job, business etc. So we don’t have proper railway facilities to reach bramhapur at 9 AM or to return after 5 PM. In that case we choose private Bus journey which is really pathetic, because they take 2 to 2.30hrs to reach the destination. Side by side the private buses we travel are overcrowded and difficult to travel especial for the ladies. They feel unsafe and unsecure.

It is shame to say that our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s program “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” is failed for our transport system in our area. Due to overcrowd the parent of girls feel unsafe to send their daughter to berhmapur for education.

                It is worthy to say how the patient does journey for health matters in that over crowded Bus service. Our small scale industries and farmers can’t carry their valuable goods to a proper market like Brahmpur. The bus owner and coolies charges extra money to these poor and innocent people, for which they have to depend upon middle men. Job holders can’t reach Brahmapur in time with these bus facilities.

 In all we have only one solution and that is railway, because without railway area can’t develop. So we request you to give some attention on our day to day problems by developing the train facility at our Humma railway station to arrive brahmapur at 9 Am and to depart at 5PM from brahmapur.

It will be your kindness to take some essential steps to make this dream come true.