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Indian Railways - Confirmed Tatkal Ticket - Cancellation & Refund Policy Revision !

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Dear Fellow Citizens of India,

This problem statement is on behalf of every Indian railways traveller who somehow booked wrong ( wrong info entered in ticket, wrong date , wrong time of travel etc ) confirmed Tatkal ticket and wants to get entertained to get refund on its cancellation. 

Problem : There is no return policy in Tatkal ticket cancellation as of now but it leads to loss of finance of Individual who booked the wrong ticket by mistake due to hustle bustle and time constraint, since that fellow don't wish to travel and that booked seat will be a NO show ( loop hole here is - this seat can be sold by TC , here Railways has tried to introduce devices to update the chart of boarding online to bring transparency ( so that empty seat can be allotted to RAC - waiting list passengers)  & avoid such scams by TCs but still seats are being sold , because few Corrupted TCs don't update the no show ) - it not only allow a loop hole for TCs but also take away the chances from someone needy who actually wants it ( since needy one has to travel , no matter what - they ends up paying bribe - which becomes a Vicious circle - as few corrupt TCs loves bribe and just for sake of money, they do not inform waiting list passenger who ends up not getting seat inspite of paying to railways ) . 

Reason for Wrong booking of Tatkal ticket : Due to a high demand and a short window of 2-3 min to get Tatkal ticket - one can make mistake which leads to a collective daily loss Lakhs of Rupees in Tatkal reservations & loop hole for above mentioned vicious circle  ! 

Earlier Situation & Policy : Earlier 50% refund was possible on cancelling confirmed Tatkal ticket 4 hours before departure but to avoid a loop hole this policy was terminated  ( one of loop hole was  buying of random tickets by agents to sell in black : you must have come across confirm ticket sellers standing beside reservation & ticket counters - earlier they used to sell in bulk and return the remaining tickets in 50% before 4 hours to avoid complete loss of unsold tickets - here this black ticket profit is shared with different stakeholders else they were not freely selling such tickets in front of everyone openly with presence of railway police force ( I am not claiming who these stakeholders are, but it is pretty evident from the fact and situations which we see near counters - because cross selling tickets is illegal  in railway act ) ).

who is suffering ?

1. Genuine Passengers , who bymistake booked the wrong Tatkal ticket and got confirmation - neither they can sell it to someone in need nor they can get refund.

2. Passengers who urgently wants to travel but didn't got seat confirmation because all Tatkal seat got booked pretty fast - it leads to bribe ( they don't have choices )  and further vicious circle of corruption initiates for easy money !

Solution which can be considered : 

Railway ministry should consider the option to refund full amount on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal Tickets within 1 hour of its booking, so that in case someone booked a wrong ticket , can rectify thier mistakes and 99.999 % chances are there, that seat will be booked by someone in need - it will lead to :

No finance loss for anyone.

no error in charts to create confusions for passengers while on boarding ,

your 0% return policy to avoid bulk selling will still holds as no agent seller will get chance to sell tickets upto last 4 hours 

Request to decision maker : please consider this policy change. 

Petition from every Indian : Guys above solution can be considered to implements as a policy, as it got potential to solve problem of millions, so I request you to sign this petition and share it with your friends and family - we need to make sure it reaches Mr. Piyush Goyal & Our PM. 

Why I am doing this : someone close to me booked a ticket from his mobile and due to some screen issue , wrong date ticket got booked - He asked me for solution & I searched for possibilities but didn't found any solution to get back my money but its ok , I took it is a project to find solution for it - lets see if it works ,

lets sign it - together we can bring the change ! 

Best Wishes,

Jitendra Kindra 





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