Drop Charges Against Activist For Saving A Life

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Last year, July 12, 2017 My son (Landon) and husband (Mike) saved an individual who was suffering on the hot Florida pavement. Local fisherman caught a Tilapia and left him to suffocate and burn on the ground. Average temperatures in Florida at that time of year are 92 degrees Fahrenheit, making the pavement more than 143 degrees Fahrenheit. Mike and Landon tried to reason with the men and help them realize the fish didn't deserve this, but they didn't care, so naturally, Mike grabbed the fish and tossed him back into his home. We waited for police to arrive, where they told us that we were completely within our legal rights. Well, now the State of Florida is pressing charges against Mike, for saving a life. What kind of world do we live in where torturing an innocent Animal is considered ok, but saving their life is a criminal charge? Compassion Is NOT A Crime. PLEASE sign and share this petition to tell the State of Florida to drop the charges! Feel free to contact the Pinellas County Courthouse to tell them that saving a life is not a crime! 727-464-7000.