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Reject the current RMS proposal for changes to Burns Bay and Centennial Ave

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As I am sure you are all now aware the RMS last Friday informed all residents that live within the Centennial Ave/Burns Bay via letterbox drop of a proposal to do the following:

Improvements to the intersection of Centennial Ave and Epping Road. (This proposal includes reclaiming park space, widening of Centennial Ave for left turns into Epping and amending the bus lane merge away from the intersection)
Clearway proposal (they use the word proposal however they state implementation March 18)

New Clearway
Centennial Av and Burns Bay Rd between Epping Road and Penrose St

Weekdays 6am to 10am and 3pm to 7pm

Weekends 9am to 6pm
Burns Bay Road between Penrose St Lane Coven and Victoria Road Huntley’s Point
Weekdays 6am to 7pm
Weekends 9am to 6pm

We feel that these solutions are nothing but a band aid solution and do not address the real problems that include:

Traffic congestion River Rd and Penrose St
Dangerous intersection Centennial and Barwon/Figtree (numerous accidents over the past 12 months including a double fatality. It is only a matter of time until a pedestrian is seriously injured at this intersection.)

This will also clogging up our side streets which are already at near capacity due to the width of the roads let alone the fact that the Hallam/Barwon/Cullen Streets are major streets for access to Blackman park.

 The proposal put forward has had zero input from the local community and lacks any form of common sense, this week I asked a member from the “Pinch Project team” the following questions with which he could NOT provide one answer which talks to the lack of process and due diligence which has gone into this proposal.

Where do delivery drivers park on weekends? “Do they expect them to carry furniture, white goods etc from around the corners in side streets”

Charlish Park – This park attracts a lot of families on weekends who have birthday parties etc. “Where does Mum/Dad park and unload prams table etc?”

The cross street of Centennial – Oak Ave/Gentle street is a major crossing for people either going to the Epping Road bus stops for the City or Macquarie or Burns Bay Road bus stop for Lane Cove plaza or Chatswood. With this proposal people would now have to cross 4 lane not 2 on weekends. “where do you propose the elderly cross? Do you expect them now to walk the 500 metres either to Epping or Fig tree to cross?”

Whilst we do acknowledge that we do have congestion on weekdays along Centennial/Burns Bay the clearway proposal should be the West side in the mornings and the East Side in the afternoon and the Clearway proposal for weekends should be scrapped as the traffic on weekends is at a minimal.

This Sunday the RMS has a stall booked for consultation from 10.00am to 1.00pm we the residents of Lane Cove will also have a stall set up to discuss this absurd proposal. I cordially invite you all to attend and talk to the community about what we can do to ensure that this current proposal is scrapped and a revised one is put forward.

I encourage all that do not agree with this proposal to sign the petition so as a united voice we can request change that is workable for all 

I can be reached on my mobile if you wish to discuss further otherwise I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday morning.

Kind Regards

Paul Clarke

0408 870 769  

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