Complete Annihilation of Caste System: Article 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21

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The water is far high over the bridge. We are living in 21st century where we all are expected to be treated equally according to the constitution of India and according to this century's humanist philosophy. Caste System divides the subcontinent of India irrespective of which religion you belong to. It infiltrates in our public and domestic lives to the point where a five year old declares his caste first and his name second. Infact caste system is so infectious that it perpetrated in our very names. We pronounce our surnames or prefix appendages and then there your caste is disclosed. In a country where untouchability is unconstitutional and theoretically abolished, still prevails due to the prevalence of Caste system. Social immobility, discrimination; economic stagnancy and poverty prevails because of this caste system. All these discrimination can be solved if there is interstate mobility, intercaste marriages, but already we have entered our 70th Republic Year and this anti social superstition still prevails. It is quite apathetic to see how incaste marriages are rejected and inter caste mobility is hurdled at each and every stage. Therefore, we ask your support to annihilate this system that divides us even before we are conceived. It is not the commands of any scripture but the commands of ancient patriarchs that we still give head to. We beg of you to read and understand the problem that caste system brings along with it. It is against Article 14, 15, 17, 18, 19(since the voices of minorities, their movements, their residence, their associations, their wish to trade all comes under the scrutiny of caste system), and Art. 21 of our constitution. And these articles come under our fundamental rights - those fundamental rights that belong to all the citizens of India and more, but are not delivered in society for more than 50-70% of the nation's population.