Piers Morgan for Brexit Party MEP

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"What’s going on now is a disgrace: a House of Commons packed with Remainer MPs trying everything in its power to reverse the 2016 result or dilute Brexit so much that it ceases to resemble anything that Leavers voted for. I find this assault on our democracy far more sinister than anything that might befall us in the event of a no-deal departure from Europe..."

Since the 2016 Brexit vote Piers Morgan has been one of the most frank and outspoken supporters of the referendum result, despite having himself voted to Remain. He's used his platform on social media and Good Morning Britain to hold Remoaner politicians to account and refute Project Fear rubbish.

We encourage him to stand in the 2019 European elections, on 23 May, as a candidate for The Brexit Party - and stand up for the British people in the European Parliament!