End the inhumane suffering of elephant 'Dumbo' held in Phuket Zoo

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You may have seen the ghastly images and videos of Dumbo, the baby elephant who is held prisoner in Phuket Zoo, being forced to 'perform' for tourists daily. Dumbo is a baby elephant who is underfed to the extent that her rib cage is visible, and suffers from severe psychological trauma as a result of being taken away from her mother in order to perform for tourists of Phuket Zoo. and is locked up in shackles, alone, when not needed. Dumbo is forced to perform various tricks during the day. Tourists take photos and laugh at Dumbo as she bangs her head to music and dance. News reports concerning the incident call the treatment of Dumbo 'distressing' to the animal but this is beyond imaginable- I simply cannot let this continue to happen and I find it absolutely disgraceful that humans think it is acceptable to treat such a beautiful and amazing creature in this inhumane way. Dumbo is not the only elephant in this situation- around 6,500 elephants live in Thailand, many separated from their families and trafficked into tourist work.

We need Phuket Zoo to place Dumbo in safe care with other elephants in a animal treatment center such as Moving Animals. Under Thailand's regulative law for the treatment of animals (Prevention of Animal Cruelty and Provision of Animal Welfare Act 2014), no animals are legally allowed to be neglected, used for live performances and/or abused. The treatment of Dumbo in Phuket Zoo along with several other animals in this facility is a clear violation of this law and of the rights of this beautiful animal.

I am starting this petition so that people will realise that animals are NOT performers. They are living, breathing beings who deserve so much more than what we humans give them. An animal is not on this planet so we can abuse her and take pictures of her for social media. End the vile treatment of Dumbo by signing this petition. Thank you

Thank you for all the support on this petition. It's amazing to see how many people care for Dumbo. The organization Moving Animals have been in touch with me and have asked me to remove this petition so that all signatures can go towards their own petition found on their website. Thank you again and if you haven't already, please sign the petition for dumbo st Moving Animals


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