Overturn the Decision to Disallow Uppers and Non-Andover Students from Attending Prom

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We want Uppers and Non-Andover students to be allowed to attend Prom. Andover is a campus that promotes inclusion, so why should Prom be any different? Why should our closest friends be barred from sharing in our joy just because of their age or enrollment status? It is unfair to Seniors to prevent our friends from celebrating with us, and it is unfair to those who want to celebrate with us. 

Though the administration has avoided acknowledging whether power dynamics between Uppers and Seniors were a factor, (a factor that we can only assume was at play in this decision due to a lack of transparency from the administration,) we believe that Prom is not the issue here. If our Seniors have such a bad understanding of consent that we can’t even trust them to ask students (who are a mere grade below them,) to Prom in a way that is appropriate, we need to be having more serious conversations about consent culture. This policy change is not encouraging that dialogue. It is slapping a band-aid on a bullet hole.

Furthermore, the administration has made student protest of this issue nearly impossible: announcing the policy changes during a notoriously busy school week that also happens to immediately proceed the longest break of the year, and holding a forum with the Deans that virtually no students were informed about. We want a voice. We want action. We want our Prom.