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Take a stand for safer cavern and cave diving

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Cavern Guides are taking unsuspecting open water clients well beyond their level of training into the full cave zone violating every single established safety guideline resulting in preventable fatalities, they should be held accountable.

 • All Certified Full Cave instructors and Cavern Guides who display gross negligence or incompetence should be held accountable. 

 • Unscrupulous Full Cave instructors and Cavern Guides who display a lack of respect for safety protocols and guidelines should be held accountable.

 • Certified Full Cave instructors and Cavern Guides who take open water clients into the cave zone, are knowingly and purposefully violating every single established safety guideline and should be held accountable.

 • Open water clients are mislead into believing that full cave penetrations are well within the safe limits of open water training and cavern diving.

 • Diving agencies know exactly which of their Full Cave Instructors and Cavern Guides are committing these safety violations and when and were they happen. Diving agencies have a duty to the diving community and the public to uphold their own safety standards and make sure that all their affiliated instructors and guides always follow the safety guidelines. 

 • These established safety guidelines should be adhered to at all times by all Instructors and Cavern Guides regardless of wether it is part of of a sanctioned training dive a guided dive or a recreational fun dive.

 • It is the duty of every certified diver to report and follow up on each safety violation he or she may witness and it is the responsibility of the diving agencies to hand down meaningful sanctions to the offending instructors and make reports available to the diving community, the public and in fatality cases to the local authorities.

 • As it stands now, there are never any sanctions or repercussions and even less any revoked certifications ever, no matter how serious the violation and even if a fatality occurs.

 • At the present time there are no consequences for Instructors or Cavern Guides who do not abide by established safety guidelines.

• Most diving agencies discourage and actively hinder diving professionals from speaking out about these safety violations using the threat of expulsion and job loss.  

• The diving certification industry works in complete secrecy, every accident resulting in a fatality is covered up, reports are pushed under the rug, questions go unanswered and within days offending instructors are back to teaching or “guiding” as if it never even happened.

 • This complete lack of transparency results in families and loved ones never getting full closure.

 • The diving agencies would like the public to believe they are not responsible if a fatality occurs on a dive that is not part of an official training course, legally this may be true but training agencies have a moral and professional obligation to make sure every single affiliated instructor abides by all established guidelines.

 • If a diving agency is aware that an instructor or cavern guide is knowingly violating safety guidelines and chooses to not take action, keeps that instructor or guide on their roster of certified cave diving instructors or certified cavern guides,  then that agency is knowingly ignoring the safety of the diving community, the landowners and the general public by allowing instructors who violate safety standards to continue to operate in complete impunity.

 • If the diving agencies choose to enforce their own safety protocols and sanction all violators this would become a deterrent to incompetent or unscrupulous instructors and would help prevent unnecessary fatalities.

• Violations should always be made public and sanctions must be meaningful and handed down in a timely fashion.

We want to promote a positive atmosphere were safety, accountability and transparency are paramount to cavern and cave diving.

 The aim of this petition is to deliver a unified message to the diving agencies.

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