Protect our youth and City assets - Close the Gord Downie Pier at night

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Young people have partied on The Pier, after the bars close, for years. Today however, with the new prominence of The Pier, the numbers have increased dramatically. (see video below) There is even a new viral term "AP" (After Party) at The Pier that circulates at the bars. On a warm night dozens of young people are  swimming in the dark (sometimes rough and frigid) water, leaving a mess for City staff, disturbing the tranquil evenings and putting themselves in harms way by climbing on the various pier structures. Even now (late October) with water at 50 C young people are swimming off the pier between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m.

My personal concern over the years is that someone will drown late at night and that concern is now amplified with the greater masses of late night partiers. I am making a presentation to City staff and Council Members on Nov 8th and would appreciate your support to CLOSE THE PIER AT NIGHT so we can honour and protect this wonderful new waterfront attraction at Breakwater Park.


 -ensure that the vast majority of people who wish to swim late at night will do so from the improved water front and docks in the secure and visible areas closer to King Street

-reduce maintenance costs, labour costs, policing costs, litter, vandalism and graffiti

-decrease the chance of an accidental drowning or that someone will injure themselves on the many new physical assets on the pier

-reduce late night disruption and amplified music

-ensure better, late night, visibility from King Street to the dock (next to the beach) where people may be gathering (as opposed to being hard to see on the pier)

-allow for easier access for EMS should someone become injured

-make people aware that the beach and pier are unique, special and warrant our oversight and protection

We close the Market Square rink, The Richardson Bath House and The Tomlinson Pool at night. We keep people out of fountains and protect overhead cross walks all for good reasons.

Please support this petition to CLOSE THE GORD DOWNIE PIER AT NIGHT 

Click the link below to check out this Pier video - you may be surprised at what you see! Use your full screen for best viewing. 

Here is a link to some pier photos of the morning after as well as some late night partiers climbing on the steel frameworks around 1:30 am.   

Thank you for your support!