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On February 10, 2018, members of the Christian Coalition for Righteousness Justice and Truth (CCRJT) gathered at the People Power Monument in protest to the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) Equality Bill. This, along with their placards that read "We respect LGBT. No need for SOGIE Bill." The group questioned if widespread discrimination was really present in the Philippines, thereby undermining the need for the existence of the said bill. All this despite our country topping the ranks of transphobia-related hate crimes and murders in the past decade. Furthermore, the mindless jokes and defamatory insults thrown against members of the community. "Bakla ka pala eh" and "Titibo-tibo" being common statements linked to people (despite being straight) who do not ascribe to the picture of the perfect male/female stereotype. According to the Human Rights Watch, students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) experience bullying and harassment not only from their fellow students, but from their teachers as well. In addition to that, students experience a lack of supportive resources. Truly, discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community remains prevalent to this day.

The SOGIE Equality Bill seeks to eliminate discriminatory practices based on sex and SOGIE by proscribing and penalizing several acts.
If passed, individuals who commit discriminatory acts such as denial of access to public services, refusal of admission to educational institutions or groups, harassment, coercion and threats, among others will be slapped penalty of not less than P100,000 but not more than P500,000 or imprisonment of not less than one year but not more than six years, at the court's discretion.

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For more information, attached is the pdf file of the said bill:


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