Ban ALL flights from China due to coronavirus and Deport All Non Law Abiding Chinese

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To the Philippine Government :

We all know that our Department of Health is doing their job to prevent the Corona Virus in entering our Country. However, as a Filipino Citizen, we believe that you guys must be far too lenient just like what the Taiwanese Governent did. See: CNN News Report.

We are still recovering from the Taal Incident and we cannot afford to face another problem if ever this Corona Virus hits our country. Face masks are still unavailable in almost all stores around the metro as of today (January 26, 2020).

May we respectfully request if you could temporarily ban all flights coming from China as well as issuing visas/ permits to its citizens coming here to our country for the sake of our countrymen.

Also, there are numerous social media posts regarding these Chinese Nationals creating more problems in our country like: Prostitution, Drugs, Gangster Wars and Disrespecting our place by trashing, defecating and urinating everywhere. May we also request to please deport these individuals as these are unacceptable behaviors and they simply just disrespect Philippines. We feel like you guys are treating us as second class citizens in our own country by tolerating these kind of people.