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Stop Animal Abuse and Give them Better Homes

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Can you imagine your beloved dog being immobilized in a stockade and having concentrated drops of Mr. Clean put in their eyes over and over just so some scientists can see how long it takes for the chemical to damage his eyes? Or maybe a bunny having clumps of hair burned off just to test the acidity of a new shampoo? While this is disgusting, this is also a reality happening to animals every day here, not only in the Philippines, but also in the world. Since animals don't have enough rights to protect them against the power and cruelty of wealthy companies, they are being used for experiments for beauty products. Stray animals and domesticated family pets are stolen and are being used for this purpose. While humans can volunteer, animals, unfortunately, don't have the same option.  They are being used against their will, and they die just so these products can be made. People assume that since animals are products of lesser evolved organisms, it's alright to treat them unjustly and inhumanely. In 1988, 16,989 animals died in laboratories in United Kingdom due to acute and chronic toxicity experiments where animals are forced to consume perfume, make up and other beauty products. These substances are dangerous and poisonous to animals, but still, the experiments continue to happen.

One of the reason why these experiments continue to happen is because of the overpopulation of stray animals. Stray animals are not uncommon for the Filipino people. In fact, this is so common that everyone turns a blind eye to them. Common house pets such as dogs and cats are left to fend for themselves on the harsh environment. Picture this: your once beloved dog, now turned feral because of hunger and pain; your furry cat, now matted with fleas, bleeding because of unknown wounds. There are so many problems that society can turn an eye to, but we are more concerned about these animals. Why? Because these animals don't have the power to defend themselves. They don't have anything that can protect them from abuse and cruelty. Their rights are being ignored, because for others, they are nothing but animals.

As concerned citizens as well as animal lovers, it is our job to be the voice of the creatures who cannot speak the human language and let others know to stop the abuse that keeps on happening to them. As a nation, we need to give importance to the safety and humane treatments of animals in general, and not just of our pets. With this petition, we are turning the light towards this issue and we are bringing awareness to the cruelty that animals suffer every day. We are asking for you to join us in our cause, to stop animal abuse and cruelty. Let's save lives and give these stray animals better homes and better humans who can truly care and love them. Join us in our mission. Sign this petition, and make the change happen. 

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