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Stop Dog Gang Rape

There has been a lot of news articles about animal abuse and cruelty such as the legal killing of wildlife in South Africa where a woman named Melissa Bachman killed a lion.

That doesn't stop there, part of animal abuse is the animal testing for cosmetic products that we HUMANS use! I do not understand the sense of using animals (specifically using rat and rabbit) as a subject for doing experimentation for cosmetic products. Technology had now undergone a massive evolvement and so as human minds.

Recently, another case of animal cruelty was reported and this one is very alarming since in my opinion this report is another level of human's unfavorable actions towards animals. Dogs that were gang raped in Mumbai, India and Puerto Princesa Palawan, Philippines. It was said that "courage" the dog's name in Mumbai was gang raped by four men under the influence of drugs, Courage died because of excessive bleeding and internal damaged. Its front leg was tied and its mouth was tied.

While the other report was in the Philippines. A picture of a conversation of fishermen went viral on different social media sites talking about raping a dog.

Why this petition is important? It is because animals were created to help us humans, cats and dogs helps us to brighten up our day, to cheer us up and is willing to devote their lives to us, they trust us with their life and it is our obligation to keep them safe and to protect them. Some animals were used for agriculture means that's why animals are a big part of our life. Another reason why this petition is important it is because this is very alarming some veterinarian said that dogs can also be a carrier of STD (sexually transmitted disease) and other virus may form when having an intercourse to animals. We all need to be aware and informed of what is happening not only to the animals but also to us humans. We are one of God's creation, and in science humans are considered to be the highest and smartest form of animal so why do we stoop so low? So low where innocent animals were being abused.

There are lots of solutions for this matter, there have a lot of organizations for animal safety and government law for the protection of animal welfare. If ever you encounter situation involving animal abuse don't hesitate to call for help or use social media to keep everyone informed and to get immediate help. The solutions are within us humans.