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Help Save and Free the Dolphins

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Dolphins are one of the most intelligent species in the planet, but due to humans' greed, they are now on the list of endangered species. Japanese drive hunts kill nearly 20,000 dolphins, poirpoise and small whales every year. The cause of their deaths are mostly due to shock when they are being imported all across the globe.

The main reason for their continuous captivity is because of the fascination people feel upon seeing them. They are used as entertainment in the places such as circus where they are trained to do countless water shows and forced to do difficult obstacles such as jumping in a ring of fire. Another cause of the dolphins' deaths is because of one of our childish desires- helium balloon. Dead dolphins washed in the shore that are being examined are found to have balloons in their stomach which is the cause of their death. 

Dolphins just like other animals should not be taken away from their habitat. Dolphins belong in the wild, not in the circus. Dolphins in captivity must be released and returned in the water. These beautiful creatures do not deserve to be used as an entertainment by people. Dolphins should be out in the vastness of the ocean, not in the confines of an aquarium or a pool. Dolphins make as happy but do you think they are happy in their situation? We are just ruining their life and taking away their freedom. We should not risk the life of these creatures for a brief happiness. People should also stop using helium balloons because of the effect it can cause to the dolphins. This small sacrifice can save the lives of dolphins and other water creatures.

No one, even the animals, deserves to live their life as a prisoner. Dolphins should experience the happiness they are giving us. We raise our voices to stop the unjust treatment to one of the most precious creature in the world. It is time to speak up and fight for the their rights. This is the change we want to make in this world. Join us in our cause. Let us make this happen now before the species of the dolphins go from endangered to extinct.

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