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Eradication of animal cruelty

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The growth of animal cruelty or animal abuse is rapidly growing as the years passed by. Even the endangered species that should be freed and cared are being caught and locked up. Animals have feelings too, they should be treated as a mans companion in life not just like a toy who can satisfy your entertainment.

We are all stewards of God's creation so we are obliged to give them extra care, protection and love. Free all the animals in the zoo, let them be where they are free and comfortable, let them go back where they truly belong. As for all the pet owners, they should learn how to treat their animals right and who ever violates the law of animal rights should have a added punishment that will make them suffer and realize that what they are doing are not just againts the human law but also to God's law.

So we would like to address this case to eradicate animal cruelty, that we should stop abusing them, who knows that maybe one day all the animals that we see today will be gone for tomorrow.So stop animal abuse and cruelty!

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