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Ever since the release of the dash bots, Pixonic has slowly destroyed their game and lost almost all respect that their player base had. Virtually NONE of the additions or changed features were accepted by players and every effort made to help us was then turned around to bite us.

The addition of the new premium content resulted in the scourge, tempest, and 3 dash bots only being available through a rigged gambling system, until they were able to be bought directly for prices of anywhere between $100 and $450 per item, or you could spend workshop points and gold in large amounts to get your desired item after 2-3 months.

Supply drops used to give us components for a certain bot, and battle rewards gave us components for a certain weapon. Now supply drops give us keys only. Battle rewards give us 3-4 different components, each at a very low amount for all the work put in to get them.

The addition of the shocktrain was one of the worst decisions ever. On the test server, it was just a mildly annoying weapon that did very little damage but chained over and damaged nearby enemies slightly. On the transition to the live server, the damage output was DOUBLED! The worst part was that nobody ever said that they wanted it buffed and pixonic did that out of their own greedy desires. But the worst addition to have ever graced this empty husk of a once great game was the addition of the Mk2 feature.

Once your bot or weapon reached level 12 (which was hard enough) you could pay 500 gold to upgrade it to Mk2 level 1 and restart the whole process of levelling up to 12 again to get a weapon that was 20% stronger than usual. Whales took advantage of this and within a week, they ravaged the battlefields with their monstrously powerful dash bots and Mk2 shocktrains.

The spectre was added a few weeks later which had descend and 4 MEDIUM WEAPONS! This was not the nail in the coffin though. It took MONTHS of complaining and reporting from the entire player base to get pixonic to announce a soon to come feature, workshop 2.0 where you could produce any components you want, similarly to WP in the current version.

What do they do next? They increase the upgrade costs and time of all the bots and weapons currently in the game to make up for "being able to obtain gear more quickly" even though this has yet to be implemented. They try to soothe our anger by saying "any gear you already own will not be affected." But this was not the nail in the coffin

The nail in the coffin happened with update 4.0. Boosters were suddenly added and nobody was alerted until the update went live. You could not buy boosters with gold to increase your damage, speed, or decrease your ability cooldowns. In a full squad, there is a maximum boost of 20%. Mk2 shocktrain spectres can do 110k damage, run at 60kmph, and have a cooldown of 14.4 seconds on their stealth jump. 

It is clear that despite pixonic's claims, they do not care about their players in the slightest, only answering to emails or comments that praise them. It is time for a change. Make War Robots F2P again!

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