Extend pension freedoms to pre-April 2015 retirees.

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The Your Pension Your Choice campaign demands that the five million pensioners who retired before April 2015 are given the same pension freedoms as those that retired after.

  • Thanks to Government reforms, if you retired after April 2015, you have much greater freedom. You can purchase an annuity, invest in a drawdown account or cash out your entire pension pot. True freedom.
  • But for the five million Brits forced to buy an annuity before April 2015, they still have no such freedoms. And, what’s worse: the government has said it has “no plans to review this decision”.

Journalists have received hundreds of letters from distraught readers in desperate need of funds – to cover everything from unexpected social care costs or house repairs to supporting their grandchildren. With no policy change on the horizon, they are trapped.

We are campaigning to secure pension freedoms for the forgotten five million. The Government must take action, changing the law to give ALL pensioners the right to access a lump sum of their annuity.

But the Government won’t do anything unless people like you demand it. If you want to lobby for change, sign our petition, write to your local MP, and share your stories with us.