Change the name of Andrew Jackson School in South Philadelphia

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Andrew Jackson has virtually no connection to Philadelphia, having only come to the city as a representative of Tennessee when Philadelphia was the nations capital. There is no reason to continue honoring the legacy of this man when there are Philadelphians who more greatly deserve the recognition. He was a slave owner, and led multiple campaigns to purge America of its native inhabitants, both as a military leader and as president. 

It's time to solicit community input and change the name.

A few reasons Jackson is an abhorrent choice to name a school for young children

In December 1817 Jackson lead a campaign in Georgia against the Seminole and Creek Indians. Jackson was charged with preventing Spanish Florida from becoming a refuge for runaway slaves, after Spain promised freedom to fugitive slaves.

In 1830, as president, Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act, which relocated most members of the Native American tribes in the South to Indian Territory. The relocation process dispossessed the Indians and resulted in widespread death and sickness.   

He vehemently opposed the rising trend of abolitionism. Jackson was a slave owner, using up to 300 slaves to harvest cotton on his plantation.


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