Force the Philadelphia 12th Police District to resume approving Block Party Permits

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Earlier this week a concerned member of the community informed me that the 12th police district is blocking all block party permits within its boundaries. Today I spoke with a low-ranking officer that confirmed this as true. Although they could offer up no specific information on any incident(s) that caused this shift in policy, they did say it was because of “things going on in the community,” which I assume to mean crime and/or violence. I believe this amounts to collective punishment of entire neighborhoods because of the negative actions of a very small number of people. I strongly encourage anyone who is upset by this to contact the 12th Precinct and express your displeasure to Captain DeShawn Beaufort. If you feel like making your feelings known in person, the station is located at 6448 Woodland Ave. There are a bunch of great African restaurants nearby that you could check out before or after. The station phone number is 215-686-3120 and their email address is Please direct your complaints to the Captain as the orders apparently come from him.