Save The Pelican Waters Kangaroos from Translocation

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Before Pelican Waters Southern Lakes Project, (Sunshine Coast)  started, 2 years ago, the land was open grazing, riparian forest, mangroves, wetlands and home to a multitude of wildlife species.

Today, it is a vast construction site of muddy banks, canals, machinery and kangaroos. 

The developer has sought permission from State Government to ’relocate’ this mob. State Government has approved the removal of these much loved residents. 

We do not want them to be taken away. We want the developer to put aside part of the land and create a sanctuary for these animals. They have lived in this area for decades and should remain.

Relocation comes with many risks to the roos, #1 being death through cardiomyopathy brought about by stress. Kangaroos should only ever be relocated as an extremely last resort. Kangaroo experts have publicly expressed extreme concern about the proposal.

We ask that the developers of this site, listen to the public, and create a Sanctuary within the Southern Lakes project and abandon any plan to remove these kangaroos. 

We request that a public meeting be organised and public consultation undertaken before any further action is taken regarding the kangaroos. We further request that the developers, Henzells, consult with kangaroo experts at the University of the Sunshine Coast to develop the sanctuary.