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Xbox Live and his Reputation

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Hello everyone, this petition concern xbox one players as well playstation players because they suffer from the same problem.

Firstly, I'm a french xbox one player so I'll do my best to be understood.

This petition is intended to Phil Spencer or a person in charge of enforcement team.

I'm here to denounce the reputation system. First of all, I respect the work of these many team to make it better the xbox live place, but, it seems there's a hole. Nothing is ever perfect. 

I don't know if it's a minority or a majority, but I saw that we are a lot to suffer from this reputation. I saw every forum subjects, every video on youtube talk about this system but nothing changes.

For my case, this began on overwatch in ranked. I'm not going to say that I'm a exceptional player, I won't either say that's why I was on ''avoid me'' 10+ times. I won't either say I'm an angel and I have always respected the conduct code (I read this code 20+ times) but provoke nicely or play well the game CAN'T BE A REASON TO AFFECT OUR REPUTATION.

Last time, I was in a ranked game, I was with a a squad composed of 5 french guys(probably kids hearing their voices), I was doing my job but this squad have certify that it was my fault if we had lost the game. I didn't say anything, except that they don't have to react like that. Later they sent me several messages telling me that the next day, my reputation would be ''avoid me'' ( my accound was already in ''need to work'') I blocked these guys and I didn't believe their threats bracause they have no power on this level. I WAS WRONG, the next day, I was in avoid me. That was the moment I finally got that many reports even not justified are enough to literally BREAK an account. After this, I just thought I'll play on World of Tanks for 10-20 hours to raise my reputation, but impossible, these same guys report me once daily with multiple accounts, and at this moment, I realized that there was no hope. Enforcement team can't help, support xbox can't help. I'm not calling to hunt this type of guys, they don't take sufficiently aware for their actions.

I am convinced that this problem hit a lot of people, every case is different even if there are a lot of similarities. The situation is critical, many players go on the concurrent or PC in the hope to no longer experience this issue. It is possible that this system worked for players deserved sanction but this system is really too easy to exploit.

The goal is simple: reoarganize, restructure, rebuild, reconstruct this system, with all due respect.

I don't know if my petition will affect a wide audience but xbox live social is dying, honest people are pushed to hard. The halo 2, halo 3, modern warfare 2 ERA really miss. I know that with the time, our community is becoming more diverse not only by ages but by mentality. That does not mean that our communty must become a bad place.

I wrote this petition to try to help the maximum number of people, maybe that it will do it's purpose, maybe it will pass unnoticed, but I'm sure that thousands of people are ready to make the xbox live a better place for all.

I'm ready to talk with any responsible to help our community. I'm ready to listen all the evidence.

If you too received the same type of message in my pictures or if you can relate on my words, please, sign this petition.

Picture 1:


Picture 2:


 Thanks for reading me.

Best regards,

A common member of the xbox live community.


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