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Prince George's County Board of Education has not taken the issue of transportation seriously.  School-age children are repeatedly left standing at bus stops until well after school has started. The schools do not fully take into consideration these tardies that are not their responsibility.  They enforce ridiculous attendance policies and yet can not ensure the children arrive at school at the proper time.  

It is unacceptable for children to be left standing on the street for exorbitant amounts of time because PG county has not spent the time or funds to ensure they have enough bus drivers to get students to school. Most parents work and schools start around the same time most parents have to be at work.  For parents who leave prior to the school start time, their children are left to wait on the street in the rain and the cold for buses that may or may not show up. This treatment is disrespectful and dangerous and the county and the individual schools need to do something about this. When you go into the school to complain about the fact that a bus didn't show up they tell you to call transportation. Transportation takes your information and you never hear back from them. The Board of Education needs to step up and do something about this. Our children should be able to get to school at the appropriate time. Parents shouldn't have to worry or wait to ensure their children get to school on time. Treat our kids with respect and ensure they arrive to school safely and on time. 

In 2020 we need PGCPS to focus and invest in hiring more bus drivers, and there needs to be a better tracking system for bus transportation issues. Parents should be notified if their child's bus will not arrive on time AND if their bus will not arrive home on time in the evening. Schools should be staffed until ALL of their students are safely on a bus home, parents shouldn't have to call transportation to figure out where their child is (Many times held in the school until a bus comes without providing an opportunity for a parent to pick them up instead of waiting for the late bus).  Many other school districts provide bus transportation. This shouldn't be too much to ask for this school system. We care about our kids and their safety and security; as well as their education, are ALL important issues. 

We can not wait for the results of a commission or study to fix a growing and evolving issue. It is time for PGCPS to fix this crisis.  This is a public safety crisis and children waiting for hours for buses is not a situation that should continue to occur. Put our kid's safety first.