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Let Save The Cats, Inc back into Newtown Petsmart!

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Petsmart, Newtown PA needs to let Save The Cats, Inc. back into their store to adopt out cats!! They kicked them out because they weren’t adopting cats out quickly enough! YOU CAN HELP!


Taken from Facebook page for Save The Cats, inc:

“Dear Friends,

To begin with, I want you all to know, that I am so appreciative of your love and support over the years. You have all been the reason, that “we” as a rescue group could survive. Our volunteers have been reliable, caring, and selfless to give up their time to help the cats feel loved and cared for. I am forever indebted to them. Our adopters and fellow cat lovers have shown STC support in so many ways, that I can’t even list them all. I want you to know, that I sincerely thank you!

That brings me to the reason that I am writing this letter. Yesterday, at about 3:30pm while at Petsmart, the manager pulled me aside. He stated that as of January 1, that we would need to be out of the adoption center at Petsmart. When I asked why, he said “we aren’t saving enough lives.” Obviously, the almost 5,000 lives that our group has saved since being at the Newtown store do not matter. Our group has saved more than 20,000 lives since our existence. However, the lives of the animals that we have saved aren’t enough for Petsmart corporation and their charities. By the urging of management in Newtown, they would prefer to have a group in the store that does not have the standards that we do. They are looking solely at numbers. This may also be important to management, because they receive bonuses based upon these numbers. In addition, with more adoptions, comes more business for the store. Over the last 20 years of being part of Petsmart Charities, the focus there has changed. It used to be about saving lives, not just about handing animals out to people that will just put them back out onto the streets or dump them in shelters. I refuse to lower my standards and hand the animals out to just anyone. Animals have no voice, and I promise each and every animal that I rescue, that I will protect them and give them to the best home that I can find.

Therefore, at about 8:00pm, several volunteers and I returned to Petsmart, and packed up the animals and supplies. All of the cats are safe and in foster homes. I felt that it was best to leave the store now, so that we can focus on our immediate future. I will let you know more information as soon as I can. Any assistance that you can give, to help spread the word about our adoptable animals would be greatly appreciated. We look forward to an exciting new year, with new opportunities. We are hopeful that in the new year, we can continue our mission to not only save lives, but to make sure that each and every pet has the forever home that they deserve. Please go to our website and click on the Facebook link to view updates. You don’t have to have Facebook to view it.

I hope you all have a nice holiday season.

Warmest Regards,

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