Petition to the Town of Whitby - Wrong Project, Wrong Location, Wrong Time

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Petition to The Corporation of the Town of Whitby

WHEREAS Brooklin Meadows Limited has submitted an application to the Planning and Development Committee of Council for the Corporation of the Town of Whitby (the “Town”) to amend the Whitby Official Plan (File OPA 2016-W/06) and Zoning By-law No. 1784 (File Z-23-16) (the “Application”);

AND WHEREAS the Application requests to: (i) change the Official Plan designation of the subject lands located at the northeast corner of Baldwin Street North and Carnwith Drive East (the “Subject Lands”) from “Special Purpose Commercial” to “High Density Residential”; and (ii) zone the Subject Lands to residential zoning to permit Brooklin Meadows Limited’s proposed development of 58, three-storey common element condominium townhouse units (the “Project”);

AND WHEREAS Brooklin North Citizens United, a group of Brooklin residents, has submitted to the Town a detailed response to the Application, and has requested that the Application be denied on the basis that prudent land-use and urban planning and the concerns and interests of local residents demonstrate that the proposed Project is the wrong project, on the wrong location, and at the wrong time, including for the reasons below:

Wrong Project

● the existing residential areas near the Subject Lands require commercial amenities and opportunities within walking distance, such that there are opportunities to live, work, and play in the local community;

● local amenities and related employment opportunities are grossly lacking in Brooklin North, which has been intensified by the building of the Brooklin High School, directly west of the Subject Lands;

● a townhouse development exists directly to the southwest of the Subject Lands, and a further townhouse development is currently under construction directly to the south of the Subject Lands;

● further density of this area is not what the local residents require from the Subject Lands;

Wrong Location

● significant negative traffic patterns and congestion, and accompanying safety risks, will result from the Project;

● the Subject Lands represent perhaps the last undeveloped commercial property with this available proximity for this area;

● significant negative impacts on light, parking, and scale to existing area;

● local schools are already taxed in terms of capacities;

Wrong Time

● the Brooklin Secondary Plan is currently under review.  The application of the critical Subject Lands must be made in concert with this strategic plan as well as the Transportation Master Plan and Sustainable Community Planning policy