Exploitive Phone Costs in Nova Scotia Provincial Jails

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Whereas the growing number of involuntary transfers of inmates from the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility is at an all-time high, affecting individuals in more ways than one;

And whereas Nova Scotia’s provincial institutions have partnered with the phone company Synergy, having converted over from the previous company, Bell Alliant;

And whereas before the conversion, when family and friends contributed funds into an individual’s personal account, that individual received these funds tax free, we are now being taxed 15% to have money dropped off at the institution, and 22% to have it deposited online;

And whereas prisoners, guaranteed no more than “three hots and a cot” each day, are offered few opportunities to work and thus be able to afford this tax hike;

And whereas this tax further separates people from their families, creating more stress and worry for individuals in this so-called rehabilitative process;

And whereas, as a collective group, we prisoners need this issue (along with others) to be addressed from the outside, in all forms, because our voices only reach as far as these confined walls;

Therefore, be it resolved that those on the outside, in solidarity with prisoners on the inside, demand that the Minister of Justice end exploitive phone charges and create a standard list of costs to be applied uniformly across the province.

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