Replace Three Forks Old Town Bridges, reduce fire response times to residents

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A meeting was held on April 5th of 2018 at 5:30 PM in the Three Forks City Hall to present options to the public regarding bridge replacements near Three Forks. One of the options that was presented significantly effects many residents of Three Forks, Gallatin, and Broadwater Counties: the Old Town Bridges. The current weight restrictions on the bridges prohibit through traffic for emergency vehicles, (mainly the large fire trucks) and school busses. If one or both of the bridges could be replaced, it would create a much safer environment for residents, agricultural users, and recreationalists. Please consider signing our petition to demonstrate participation in the efforts to improve our beautiful community. This petition will be presented to the Gallatin County Commissioners on April 10th in their regularly scheduled meeting and followed up with if additional signatures are collected.