Petition to Provide FREE Pneumococcal Vaccination for Malaysian Babies

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Hi, there. Thanks for looking at this petition. It’s about pneumococcal disease (PnD), a serious threat to young children. The disease can infect the brain, lungs and blood. It can also result in permanent disability or even death.

The best way to protect every child (including yours) is through pneumococcal conjugate vaccination (PCV). This vaccine is so important that the government should provide it FREE to all Malaysian babies. This will help protect all our children whether rich or poor.

Let’s not wait until another child falls prey to this disease. So, please sign this petition and share it with your friends and family. Every signature counts.

I want #PCVforMYbaby. Thank you.   



  1. Pneumococcal disease is caused by S.pneumoniae bacteria, that can result in deafness due to middle ear inflammation (acute otitis media), meningitis (inflammation of the brain membrane), pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs) and bacteraemia (blood infection).
  2. Parents and paediatricians had been asking the previous government for over 10 years to give PCV, but their calls were ignored. Last year, we saw a ray of hope when Pakatan Harapan pledged to introduce PCV into the Malaysian NNIP. However, PCV was not mentioned in the National Budget announced in November 2018.
  3. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends all countries to include PCV in their respective NIPs. 142 countries (70%) of all 195 countries in the world already provide PCV for children in their respective NIPs. But not Malaysia.
  4. When majority (over 85%) of children receive PCV under the NIP, herd immunity will come into effect and make it harder for the bacteria to spread. It also helps protect other children who are too young or too frail to be vaccinated.
  5. Free PCV under the NIP will greatly benefit children from poorer (B40) families who will otherwise not be able to afford the vaccine, which is required in a series of at least 3 doses.